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Have you ever found yourself fresh out of creative food ideas for the next family event?  I feel like we have hit up most of the classics.  We have had a bunch of salads and croissant sandwiches.  We have done the brunch with quiche, yogurt parfait with the most delicious homemade granola (recipe I must share someday), scones, cinnamon rolls, and crumb cake.  The soup bar with lots of yummy soups and good bread.  The pasta bar.  The small plates event with appetizers and desserts.  The taco bar, actually, I think we have covered most of the popular foreign cuisine.  Did I mention my family loves food?  When we hear that we have a family gathering coming up, the first question my mom asks is, "What are we going to eat?"

Well, a family event was approaching so my most darling sister-in-law and I were brainstorming what the food needed to be for our next family gathering, a baby blessing.  We went through the list and thought and thought.  As brainstorming goes, I don't know where it came from but we decided on a salad/wrap bar.  It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed the meal.  We did get a few confused looks from the first ones through the line, but they soon caught on and were wrapping it up!

So I thought, if you are out of ideas like we were, here is a fun summer party idea or just something you can do for your next family event.  It is fairly simple and everyone can find something they like!

First we decided on three salads,

BBQ/Southwest Salad (she had cute dressing bottles with ranch dressing and BBQ sauce in them on the side of this salad)

An Oriental Salad

Last but not least, a classic Caesar Salad (I know the pear Gorgonzola was in vogue and there are other fancy salads you currently love, but I find that everyone loves a classic Caesar.  Take it to your next dinner and you will be surprised what a refreshing classic it is).

We put out the three salads and even though some of the salad recipes call for meat, we left it out of the salad and did a good ole summer grill on the BBQ.  She used grilled chicken and grilled tri-tip.  Just a basic salt and pepper feel so that they could match any of the salads/wraps.

She also had a few different flavors of tortillas/wraps.  So, the guests picked up their wrap, added the salad of their choice and added the meat of their choice folded and went of their way!  It was also nice because if they weren't into the wrap thing, they could just have a nice salad with some yummy meat on it!

On the side you can do as you please, but she went for a beautiful tray of fresh fruit and veggies.  She also had chips and dips.  A little something for everyone!

I thought it turned out wonderfully!  The great thing, is that you can use your favorite salads and make it your own!  We did pre-dress the salads, so they were getting the full effect of the wrap, but we also had extra dressings on the side.  Wa-la!  I hope you get a chance to try it out at your next family gathering.  Let me know what salads you use and how it goes!
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  1. This looks delicious! Thanks for your great idea, Misa! I definitely want to try this for our next get-together.

  2. Just found your blog through Pinterest - the post on photography. Great post and wonderful blog!

  3. Great idea for a wrap bar!


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