Where are you guys?!?

I've been getting that question a bit lately, so I wanted to put all theses crazy rumors to rest and let you know where we are! Onto the rumor mill... No, Julie didn't leave her family to sew and dance her way across the fifty states, and yes, Ali is still alive after having a second child. Rachel and Rachel are NOT fighting about sharing the same name (anymore), and Melissa's eye is not crazy glued to her viewfinder. Andrea is not too busy gelling her nails to not write, and Erica isn't spending the summer in Russia. No, Cat didn't permanently go into hiding after shaving her head, and yes, Misa is a busy woman with a lot going on. Actually, we all are... you are too... and that's the truth!

So the biggest reality is: Life gets busy, and I'm not stressing about it. Yes, posts have been a little less frequent, but I'm not going to stress about it. Doe a Deery is a fun outlet. I want to contribute to the world and help others in some way, and not just add to the crazy blog frenzy because a post needs to go up. That is real. But sometimes I get sidetracked and think my blog needs to be like other blogs. But it doesn't. It just has to be enjoyable for me and the people who participate.

So thank you for reading and being patient and not believing the crazy rumors that have been swirling around the internet like a tornado! Everything's gonna be alright because I'm not stressing. Try it my friends!

Rachel W.
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  1. Life does get busy, especially in the summer. I am loving contributing to this blog though!


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