Five Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Special

by Erica
Growing up, I specifically remember my cute Mom taking time to make us each feel special. I will never forget dumping out my sack lunch in 10th grade to find a note, attached to a toothpick, sticking out of my shiny red apple. It was a simple note and I carried it in my purse for a long time. It wasn't exactly what was said in that note but how special it made me feel, even as a snotty 10th grade girl. Although I had grown up, my Mom was not about to stop making me feel special. Even now I will randomly find a box of donuts on my front porch with a note from my Mom. Simple acts of kindness that will never be forgotten.

Creating the same environment for my little family is something I have tried to emulate. I want the people in my life to feel special and loved. So for the next few months I will be sharing some ideas on how to make certain people in your life feel special. And guess what, taking a little extra time to make someone else feel good - makes you feel ever better! Win, win people! 

Five Ways to Make Your Husband (or significant other) Feel Special 

1. Leave Hidden Notes
This is nothing ground-breaking or new but is quick, easy and will mean a lot. I love trying to find a new spot to hide them. My favorite is to hide it in his laptop, so when he opens it there is a little something waiting for him. Other fun spots: inside his wallet, on his steering wheel, bathroom mirror, on a random piece of paperwork or in his sock drawer. Sometimes I even leave notes written on his favorite candy and stash them in his brief case! 

2. Do a chore/job that usually he does, a do it! 
Is there a certain something around the house that he always does that he may not love doing? While he is away or before he has a chance to do the chore himself, you do it! I think you'll be surprised at how happy it makes him. And maybe you can gain a little appreciation for that job he always does!! Example: My cute husband doesn't love to mow our lawn. I can promise you it is not his favorite "job" he does. One Saturday I decided to be really nice and do it for him. And if I am being honest, I hated every second of mowing the lawn, but as soon as I saw his face it made it all worth it! He was so happy and shocked that I would do it for him. P.S. He had to take photo of me while mowing the lawn... obviously I wasn't too thrilled about lawn mowing plus a photo and he was loving I would mow the lawn just for him! Next time I will try to have a happier face when he decides to take a photo! 

3. Compliment him. Thank him. 
Bottom line, who doesn't like a compliment. Or a simple Thank You! Maybe he has worked hard on a work or school project - tell him how great it is. Maybe he is trying out a new tie - tell him he looks handsome! Or maybe he has had a bad day and you simply just tell him Thank You. Just taking that time to do so will make him feel good. 

4. Send a random text or email...
Making someone feel special doesn't have to take a lot of time. It can be as easy as sending him a text in the middle of the day, for no reason at all and say, "I Love You" or "I'm thinking about you". Or my favorite is to send a one line email that will pop into his inbox that says something silly that only the two of us would understand. Hopefully he will read it during a really important meeting and he will totally laugh out loud. Or blush. One of the two! 
5. Plan a Special Date Night - Just for Him
Pick his favorite restaurant and favorite activity and go do it with him! You may hate Chinese and hitting golf balls, but if that is his favorite thing - do it for him! One of my husband's favorite things is to go to sporting events. For me it has become not as much about what sport we are going to watch, but rather about being with him while he is doing something he loves. 

Put 'em to the test... Try a few of these out. 
See how the person in your life reacts. See how you feel. 

What are some ways you make your husband or significant other feel special? Please share!

**Disclaimer: I am not a "make your husband feel special" expert. These are just a few of my personal ideas.  xoxo
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