Easy DIY Dust Jackets

by cat

Storage and design working together? Yes please! Yesterday I shared a few ideas on how to achieve streamlined and styled bookshelves. To go along with that post, I'm showing you one of my go-to ways to tackled that project... I heart monochromatic dust jackets.

So friends, here is the easiest do-it-yourself way to streamline the look of your books with book covers.


  • Book
  • Scratch Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors


^^ Tape the used side of the paper together starting on the edges. ^^ 
Make sure the tape is close to the edge but not going over.

^^ like so. ^^

^^ I used 3 pieces of paper (8.5 x 11in) for this size book. ^^

^^ Aline the top of the book with the top of the paper. Once ^^ 
flush, tuck the remaining paper on the bottom up. This serves 
as a marker for where to fold.

^^ Use that bend in the paper you just made as a marker for ^^ 
where to fold up the paper from the bottom. All the way across.

^^ Align the spine of the book with the center of the page. ^^
The tape seams will be on either side of the book but you won't 
see them once the book is on display.

^^ Bring the side of the paper over the front cover and make ^^
a crease at the edge of the book.

^^ Tuck that extra flap of paper into the cover of the book. ^^
While that first flap is still tucked in, turn the book onto the 
other side and do the same think with the back of the book, making 
another flap to tuck in.

^^ You have now made a dust jacket! ^^

^^ I write the title on the jacket binding, but this is optional. ^^

I like the idea of re-using printer paper, but you can use any kind of paper. You can see from the photo of my shelves in this post that I also used black craft paper and brown paper bags!

There you have it! Your super simple way to give your books on display that streamlined look.

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  1. These look amazing! I am totally going to do this. Heaven knows my bookshelves could use a little help!

  2. Have fun! So glad you are inspired to give it a try!

  3. They are so beautiful! And I love how you reuse scratch paper :) I did this to my books a while ago, but I had some white wrapping paper that I used. I ended up having to cut and trim and fix SO much paper, so with this idea (and all the paper being of the same height) I think it'll be much easier!

    By the way, I think you forgot to insert a hyperlink into the last post you mention in your last paragraph :)


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