A Week Full of Love


A (quick & easy) Seven Day Countdown to Valentine’s Day!
by erica

Growing up my Mom always made holidays a lot of fun. From special presents wrapped up in holiday-coinciding paper to dying our milk and eating on special plates. Even through my “I’m too cool for everything” stages of growing up, I was never too cool for holiday presents and red milk. Never.

It’s the little things I remember most and I think that is why I like to go all out for holidays.

This past Christmas season, my little four-year-old was obsessed with the cheap chocolate advent calendar my mom gave him. Every day, he was over the moon with excitement as he found the correct number and opened the little door to find the chocolate inside. After watching his excitement I decided that I wanted to come up with another fun advent for Valentines. Advent calendars don’t have to be just for Christmas, do they? Okay, good! 

When thinking about putting an advent together for my boys, I had a few things I wanted to include. Frist, I wanted it to be something I could easily store and use for years to come. Second, I wanted large numbers to be on the bags since my boys are young and still learning numbers. And third, I wanted to include a few candy treats and a few non-candy surprises.

The only restriction I gave myself was that I could only take one hour to put together and I would use supplies I already had around my house. Bam!!


I wanted my bags to have a little variety so I painted some with a little craft paint and painters tape. On the others I used washi tape, ribbon or some I kept simple with just card stock and a sharpie!

Once they were done, I filled them with treats and surprises that I knew my boys would love. (most of which found in the Target $1 isle!) and closed them up with small wooden clothes pins. I printed out the “I love you because…” tags, filled them out, numbered them, and put them all in a little red glass. That way, each day my little guys can pick one out of the glass and find the correct number for the day! I can’t wait for Valentine’s week to come so I can share these with my littles.

** Don’t have time to make a whole advent. Don’t fret. I’ve got two ideas for you.

  • Print out our little “I love you because…” tags and place them in spots for your loved ones to find: On bathroom mirrors, in packed lunches, under pillows or even car windows!
  • Or do you have older kids? Have them fill out the tags for their siblings. Do an act of kindness for them and leave the note behind for them to find!

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  1. So cute, Erica! I knew this was yours the minute I saw the picture!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, Karissa! you're girls would love this!

  3. I might make a garland with these little tags that the kids can pull off or something :)

  4. So fun! I love how you decorated the bags. I dont think I have it in me to do all the bags, but I like your idea of notes for each day. That is doable for me this week! Thanks!!

  5. I see a moons and stars red goblet! Great project and love that the kids can help out!

    1. moons and stars glass for life. i can't get enough of it!! glad you can appreciate it! :)

  6. I'm totally going to use this idea. BTW, can you add a pint rest pin button at the end of your posts to pin it


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