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Welcome to Doe a Deery, a place where self and home meet real.

Real what?

Real people, that's what, or who actually, or as I like to call us, "the deers." You can be a "little deer," just decide to be real and then follow us to the right ---->

You're not sure yet? Me neither, let me tell you a bit about this blog.

Well, about eight months ago, child number two entered my life (oh, I'm the doe on the bottom row in the middle btw), and as most mothers know, and fathers too, you spend A LOT of time in a rocking chair. I mean a lot. As I would sit and nurse that sweet babe of mine, for hours and hours (it adds up), I'd be doing one of three things, in no particular order... 1) Reflecting on the glow of my lap top 2) Enjoying and snuggling my baby or 3) Concocting outlandish schemes, elaborate parties, useful inventions, and in this particular case, exciting ventures. The catylyst was so small and silly. I posted a picture of myself on the gram, and my hair was did. A few friends commented that I should do a tutorial on how to get my "perfect waves." And then it happened. I went and nursed my baby, and this idea would not stop growing! First it was a tutorial, then it was a video, then a youtube channel, and then all of the sudden there was and blog, and a store! My angle would be: I am not fabulous. I am average, an average joe, or doe, hey that's cute...

Okay, that sounds a little sad, but hear me all the way out... Wouldn't it be nice to read a blog that isn't fabulous? Okay, you are probably thinking, "no." (WoW, I am doing a GREAT job selling this...) What I mean is, a blog that doesn't pretend to be fabulous, but can be fabulous because it is real. Everything that we read or look at online has been edited (purposefully or not) to convey a certain feeling, image or thought. One problem is, that we do not pause to realize that there is more to the story or picture like: It's been arranged, or this is the best of 50, or just out of the frame is a terribly messy kitchen. When I get on to pinterest it is easy for me to start unconsciously picking away at myself because my living room doesn't look like an interior decorator masterminded it, and my junk drawer would make a professional organizer cringe, and me in high waisted skinny jeans would probably make you cringe, and my eyeliner smudges and my children are not always basking in a well lit rooms playing with wooden toys.

Before the days of blogs, facebook and instagram, we'd fall into that well laid trap of comparing ourselves to people we were personally exposed to, and we were aware of this. But today, we consume online matter so quickly that we don't seem to have time to be aware of the compare, and we go straight to feeling not enough (at least I do). I want this blog to make you feel enough, and equal to, and to make you feel fabulous, like you can accomplish anything--just like me (okay, I lied when I said I wasn't fabulous... I really am, AND YOU ARE TOO!). But, we are both average. AND SO IS EVERYBODY ELSE when it really comes down to it. We are all people with our weaknesses and strengths. We just happen to see everyone's strengths in their feeds, which makes us think, "I ain't into nothin," as Brian Reagan would say. So I'm here to help you shoo away those thoughts. To remind you that there is more to the story than what you see online.

So, back to the blog, which was going to be called Average Doe until I was rocking my babe a different fateful time, and my idea multiplied by about nine--nine REAL fabulous times, or REAL fabulous blogging ladies to be more specific. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we are going to try hard to help you BE, LOVE and ENJOY your real self through humor, blog posts and tutorials--the self kind and the home kind.

And so, here I introduce you to the nine of us. Check us out, we are REAL fabulous, just like you. Collectively we are artists, pilates instructors, professional photographers, celebrators extraordinair, PR aficionados, seamstresses, su chefs, Web designers, writers and moms, but more importantly, we are real people, and we're glad you're here!

Look for our posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & special occasion. We promise our content will be REAL, fresh and original--oh and fabulous of course. This February, you can look forward to posts on indoor photography, a countdown to Valentine's Day, fondue for more than two, tips on tightening your core, ways to love you, how to stop shoulding yourself to death, and much more.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Check out the post below and enter our fine art give away. It's a beautiful ink print drawn by one of our own deer starving artists, Cat Ethington.

So, we hope you will track us, and stalk us, just don't hunt us--we are deers after all.

We'd love your thoughts, are you ready to be REAL?
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  1. This is so cool! I'm excited to read. And I'll be waiting for that hair tutorial... :)

  2. Rachel, you are such a talented writer! I am so impressed! I loved your post and can't wait to read more on this blog!

    1. Lucy, you make me feel so good. I jut love you. And you will have to write a little something for us, no?

  3. What a great idea! I'm so excited about this blog!

  4. Fabulous post. The Brady Bunch GIF idea is superb! I am excited to see what this blog delivers :]

    1. Oh, so glad you liked it! I thought I was going to have a conniption deciding who would go where and what pictures to use. Here is to a 2am bedtime!

  5. How fun Rache and crew! Good luck on this new adventure!

  6. Rachel, I found this through Tiffany C.'s blog, and love what you started. Always inspiring to read real stuff from great people at their core.

    1. Shaunel! Thank you so much. It really means a lot to get comments from people I don't know personally! I really hope that you keep reading, and I appreciate your support!


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