Look closely. See beauty.

by cat

Macro! Mmmmm, they are some of the yummiest photos.

Texture and details that would otherwise go unnoticed are given center stage and truly appreciated. There is so much beauty to be found in looking closely at something. An idea true in nature and in life.

Focusing in on life's details helps us appreciate everything a little more.  Moments we want to remember, sunsets to watch, opportunities to laugh, baby feet to kiss, and life to explore.

I had a crap day yesterday. I've been really frustrated trying to find a home in Las Vegas for the last six months, and it's left me feeling sorry for myself. I had high hopes about a particular home and then was offered disappointment.

But after my baby woke from his afternoon nap, I took 10 minutes to just cuddle with him. Instead of rushing off to do the next task on my list, I nestled his sweet little head into my neck and soaked in that moment. His smell, his breathing, his baby fine hair on my cheek, I can still feel it now as I close my eyes.

That 10 minutes was the best thing to happen to my day and changed my mindset to gratitude and appreciation of something so simple in my life.

I just needed to look at my life through a different lens in order to have that moment of beauty. A conscious effort to see the positive, no matter how small.

What are you going to focus on today?

I took these photos at Longwood Gardens while I lived in Pennsylvania. I used a Cannon Powershot SD1300, just a little point and shoot, but it got the macro done! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos Cat! I love this post too. One I needed to hear as well. Good luck on the house hunting. :) -Meredith

  2. These are such beautiful photos Cat! And I love the thought on zooming in to see the smaller things in life and focusing on those tiny good moments. I need to do more of that for sure. I loved this.


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