Easiest Highlight + Contour With the Stuff You Already Have

by rachel w.

I'm sure you've all pinned it... you know the pin, the one that shows you how to highlight and contour your face... but have you actually tried it? 

I have always been interested in the concept of highlighting and shading different areas of your noggin to get a different look, but I'd never put the brush to the cheek to give it an actual go until a few months ago. 

I'm the type of person who is pretty impatient (and cheap), so when I watched a video tutorial on the subject and discovered that I had almost NONE of the tools required to achieve that perfect glow, I dug through my makeup drawer and came up with my own method using the basic things that most makeup-wearing humans poses.

I wanted to title this tutorial highlighting and contouring for dummies, but if you read Doe a Deery, you are obviously not a dummy! MIRIGHT?

And before you watch and enjoy, I have to admit that sometimes I feel funny about posting makeup tutorials on Doe a Deery (a blog committed to being more real), because how REAL is makeup? Don't we use it to cover up and enhance? Wouldn't it be completely real to just go without? I suppose there is a balance, but I have always LOVED makeup, and so that's one reason I blog about it! I just think it is fun! I guess the way that I reconcile being real and wearing makeup is that I usually go without, so when I do wear it, it is for my entertainment and enjoyment you could say. Is that a cop out? I guess that I would also say, and you probably already know this, but the way you look doesn't make you more or less valuable. Neither does makeup. Am I talking out of both sides of my mouth yet? So here's my challenge to you... go without makeup! And then go with makeup! Do both!

Enjoy :)

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  1. Loved this tutorial. Very cool to see you using makeup that I already have so it's easy for anyone to do. Great job!

  2. very cool! Looks beautiful and you're right that I probably could do that. :) I've never purchased powder before--what does it do? Important to the overall process? And what shade darker shadow did you use?

    1. Lauren, thanks so much for your comment! I SWEAR BY mac's Studio Fix powder. It is SO easy to apply, covers up ALL flaws and I swear, makes your skin look like porcelain. It is almost like a base and powder in one--so less work for an easier pay off. Just go to the mall and ask to try the studio fix powder to see if you like it. I set everything off with powder in the end just to even out the skin tone and blend everything in so I don't have any white or dark streaks on my face from the eye shadow. Think of it as your safety net. It also covers any greasy spots on your face to cut down on shine. The darker shadow that I used is also from Mac and it is matte and called Concrete. I use it for my brows and lining my eyes as well. Hope this helps!


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