Rachel A.

I’ve always had a hard time writing a bio.  It’s probably a fear of commitment – or a sign that I am still very much in the midst of defining who I am. At this point of my life, the most obvious, but also most important label I can assign myself is mother (or “mama” as I prefer my kids to use… “mom” just doesn’t sit as well with me). My beautiful daughter made me a mama three years ago, and her sweetest little brother made me more fully understand the juggling act the job requires. He also made me a stay-at-home mama – before his arrival several months ago I worked at communications consultancy in Washington, DC. It was my dream job and I often found myself wondering what the rest of my career would look like, since I had really only set my sights on the job I currently held.

Along with becoming a stay-at-homer when the little man arrived, I also became something I didn’t ever anticipate: A Montanan. Our little family recently relocated to a small-ish town in west central Montana, leaving behind a life, family and friends we love, for other family, new friends, and a change of pace, scenery and temperature (among other things).

A little background:
I grew up as the oldest child of a couple (I could say father, but let’s be honest: both parents were involved in this process) who was in the throws of pursuing a PhD and then establishing themselves professionally, so we moved a fair amount. I learned to love making new friends and exploring new places. Now that I’m older, I’m not sure I love those challenges as much – but most of the people that know me best will say that I’m always up for an adventure.

In my non-existent spare time I love to spend time with friends, ride horses, rock climb (or do most things outdoors), paint, draw, go to a good museum, play games, bake, catch up on TV shows that I always seem to miss, read good books, travel, dance (when no one is looking), eat frozen yogurt and dream about what my house would look like if I could just decide how I want to decorate it.

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  1. Hi friend! Totally miss you and cant wait to read about your adventures here!

    1. Miss you too! Hope you're doing well! Speaking of adventures...I need to plan one to come see you!

  2. You are such a good writer. It's delight to share names...

    1. This is going to be great. Feels like another Rach and Rache project. :)


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