Misa Sorenson


Misa grew up with or has spent her life raising boys.  She has four brothers, no sisters (however, she now has many wonderful sister-in-laws), is the mother to three boys, and wife to a VeRy supportive husband.  Misa was raised in a home with amazing food and comes from a line of great cooks.  From an early age, she loved being in the kitchen with her mom and grandmothers.  If you ask her about big events in her life, she rarely remembers the details, but she can always tell you what food was served.  Some of the foods she learned to cook and that she loves to make come from her family's Japanese heritage.  Besides cooking, Misa's other hobbies include playing the harp, running to work off all that food, planning events to make food for, collecting cook books, shopping for anything, and taking care of her little men.

Misa holds a B.S. from Brigham Young University and a M.S. in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University.  Currently, she works part time training employees and also teaches harp.
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  1. I can testify of Misa's skills in the kitchen. She's amazing. So is her mom.

  2. I am so excited to have you contributing Misa! I had NO IDEA that you did all of that other stuff on the side! I may not have asked you if I had! You are out of control.


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